Players can improve their play with the ability to access and review every pitch of every play of every single one of their games!


Parents, family, friends, community can now watch their favorite player, no matter if they're hundreds of miles away.


Coaches and scouts can now evaluate any players and teams of their choice on their schedule, without having to travel across the country to do so!

What we can do for you

OnDeck Digital delivers multiple angles of edited and tagged baseball clips right to your fingertips. You can watch the exact pitches and plays you want to watch OR you can watch an entire game in minutes- all in HD!

  • Cape Cod Baseball League Wrap Up
    It’s funny. The ending of the CCBL felt just the same as the conclusion of every one of my 15 professional baseball seasons. First, you sit there and think, “My goodness I am tired and I am glad to get...
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